Green Tree Agate Mala Beads for Abundance
ABUNDANCE - Tree Agate Mala 35% OFF
ABUNDANCE - Tree Agate Mala 35% OFF
ABUNDANCE - Tree Agate Mala 35% OFF
ABUNDANCE - Tree Agate Mala 35% OFF

ABUNDANCE - Tree Agate Mala 35% OFF

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Some have a slight discoloration in the decorative metal beads, while others have a small mistake on one of the knots. They still look great but fall below our standards to sell them at full price :)

Handmade Sacred Crystal Jewelry: 108 Beads Mala with Tree Agate and our signature YAM Sterling Silver charm

Tree Agate is a self-protection gemstone. It repels the negative energies that can otherwise make you feel inadequate in your life. It keeps you going with a full heart into a journey of abundance. This abundance mala helps you to trust in yourself, and believe that it is your time.

Tree Agate

  • Stone of Plenitude: brings fullness into your life
  • Creates a peaceful inner and outer environment
  • It deepens your own connection to the earth; connected to your roots
  • Maintains you centered in times of confusion or discordance
  • Enhances gentleness and encourages one to walk lightly through the gardens of life, taking time to enjoy each moment
  • It was used in ancient Greece to produce plentiful crops
  • Used to relieve pain and treat disorders of the skeletal system and to provide alignment of the bone structure supporting physical reality


Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree species and plays an important role in a spiritual seeker's life, it has a very unique vibration. Rudraksha has being used since ancient times in India for his healing properties.



- The 108 precious beads of Tree Agate and Rudraksha sacred seeds are thread meditatively by hand; the beads are around 7.5mm each.

Our YAM charm it is made of solid Sterling Silver and it has written the Heart Chakra Mantra, YAM, in its Sanskrit letter. Know more his significance in "About YAM".

- This beautiful mala necklace measures 54cm and reaches navel area on an average sized person.

- It come cleansed, charged and beautifully plastic free wrapped, ready for gift giving (you can include a note if you wish).

- A description of its crystal healing properties is included.

 - For an energetic cleansing, we recommend you use White Sage, Palosanto or your favourite cleansing smudge.


- Pair it with our Abundance Bracelet

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