Answering your soul’s calling

Have you ever felt a shiver run through your body when you heard a specific word or felt some kind of signal?

Have you allowed yourself to be guided and begin to trust so that everything falls into place?

There are processes in the awakening of life consciousness, which we do not understand, as they are out of our perception and understanding until we align ourselves with unconditional love, open our hearts and something tells us: it is that way.

This is what we call "the soul's calling."

When something appears or some event happens, it gives us the certainty that this is the way. It might be a dream, a change, the craziest and most daring idea, but if you are receiving it is because you must abide by it, it is part of the soul's purpose.

Many times we find ourselves ignoring these calls, until one day, we start to answer them.

What if I go?
What if I follow my inner voice?
What if everything turns right?
And then… We start aligning ourselves and
living our life from our heart and soul.


You can practice this little exercise with us:

Stop for a moment... Feel with confidence that you are divinely guided.

What is your soul trying to tell you?

Sometimes it might not make sense, as previously mentioned, it goes beyond our understanding, beyond what we believe we are capable of. It is simply about being more and more connected with ourselves, trusting, opening our hearts, letting go of control and allowing ourselves to be guided.

Last week I shared one of my favourite mantras through our newsletter (if you are not signed up, you can do it here and receive our free “Mantra, Meditation, Manifestation guide”), to use it as a witness that you are on the right path, whatever process you are going through.

I am where I need to be,
Doing what I need to be doing,
Aligned with my higher purpose,
Living in the divine presence.


I don't know your case, but telling a little about mine, when I hear a whisper coming from my soul is when all the adventures that align my being and soul calling begin.

Some moments they might seem they are unattainable dreams, others might seem in which you have lost your way, but you go ahead and take the step to open the path further. At other times, you might fail to understand what is happening, but it is all part of the calling.

Personally, I can only say that I am grateful to receive these signals, soul-calls… Think about them. There are so many that we have received on this path of awakening.

Our purpose and mission at YAM is for you to be connected with yourself, in connection with your soul, with your own why, love, harmony and mission. Our way of sharing knowledge is through sacred tools such as malas, sacred jewelry and crystals to live in connection with oneself and evolve. As we mentioned before, let's answer that soul calling.


Answer your soul’s calling