Akashic Record Session - Reading & Healing

Come Home to You

Step into a realm where you can connect with your spiritual team, bask in the unconditional love and embrace the boundless wisdom that surrounds you.

The Akashic Records are the soul’s archives, found in the Akasha, a dimension of consciousness that holds all vibrational records. They are the universal memory of existence and represent a multidimensional space where all the soul’s experiences are contained, including all the knowledge, information and experiences of all lives connected to that soul.

Acceding to your Akashic Records is a self-discovering journey

The Akashic Records are sacred, light, a soul transformation tool in your journey. Through this session, we access to your soul’s information to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, your purpose for being here, what lessons or experiences you chose to learn in this incarnation, what unique gifts are encoded in your dna and what you are being asked to heal within to continue to evolve your soul. 

Akashic records
During a session, we delve deeper to unlock what is preventing you from reaching your soul potential. We also address traumas started in another time and spaces, from past lives, releasing and healing karmic patterns, old wounds, contracts, and agreements. This brings healing to unresolved traumas that no longer serve you and are affecting your present, leading to a higher alignment with yourself and your life path; so you're able to live YOUR life with joy, love and happiness on your own terms.
While in a session, we connect with who you are on a soul level by channeling your guides with unconditional love and unity. This brings wisdom, healing, clarity, guidance, and love to support you on your journey. It's magical how the information revealed to you is always what you need to learn at the moment, yet it remains timeless. We highly recommend you to prepare 3-4 questions or topics you would like to explore during the session.

This session is a wonderful way to anchor the higher dimension’s guidance into this sacred physical plane.

Akashic Readings with Ley

My soul is deeply grateful you that you are here today. My mission is to help you understand yourself beyond this physical world and return to your soul wisdom, unlimited potential, and the healing and information available to you in this present moment.

I am a channel on Earth, bringing heaven to earth and raising consciousness as we learn to live with an awakened awareness, an open heart, and an understanding of our multidimensional nature and our role as creators.


Akashic Record Readings Sessions to Heal


About Leyre Flores

As the founder of YAM, therapist and Akashic Records teacher, it is a true gift from my soul to be able to create this space through YAM temple.

My connection to the energetic and spiritual world has been with me since I was a little girl. Growing up with a mother who is a Kinesiology Teacher and Osteopath and runs a holistic center in Spain, I was exposed to the world of energy healing at an early age. At 19, I studied Reiki, but despite pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering and working as an Engineer for 2 years, I never lost the passion for the subtle world.

It wasn't until I journeyed to Australia and India that I finally surrendered to my soul's calling to expand consciousness and help others connect with their true selves, souls, and unique potential.

Through deep exploration of meditation, healing practices, shamanism, Transpersonal Coaching (certified by the ICF), Akashic records, Kinesiology, Crystals, and the discovery of my gift for channeling, I began applying my knowledge to my own life and experiences while also helping others along the way. This transformative journey has been incredibly beautiful, and my soul is filled with gratitude knowing that you're reading these words and resonating with this message.

Human potential is limitless.

May blessings be upon all as you unfold your path.  


 Looking forward to connect with you ✦ 


“What did opening my records give me? A deeper understanding of why I had certain feelings that I couldn't explain, as well as invaluable advice and guidance from my spiritual guides that facilitated my decision-making. It also made me aware of the existence of a loving and supportive spiritual realm that is always there for me and only a call away ❤️.”

“I just want to express how much I appreciate the moment of clarity, connection, resolution, and empowerment that you brought me today. It's difficult to put into words just how much it meant to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.”

"The experience of opening the records is truly profound, and it's hard to put into words just how much can happen in a single session. Leyre's ability to express herself with such clarity and describe how the messages come through is truly captivating. During her sessions, I feel very connected, supported and in a very conscious state. By the end, I feel lighter, happier, and leave with a feeling of being accompanied and with new energies to continue with my projects. I am very grateful to Leyre for her dedication, kindness, and genuine abilities that make this service a truly enriching experience."

What does it mean to you to have had this Akashic Records session? What has this session meant to you? More than I can express the reading kept unfolding during the day I feel confidence and peace on a deep level I felt supported in the next step I feel so much clarity. It was so beautiful I would change nothing , thank you from my heart to yours.”


We definitely encourage to feel your gut and intution, but in case you would like to have more information, find here detailes.

- What is the duration and cost of the session?

Our Akashic Records session is online, lasts for 90 minutes and costs 180aud. During this time, you'll have the opportunity to explore your Akashic Records with Ley and receive valuable insights and guidance on your personal journey.

- How can I book my Akashic Records session?

You can book your appointment through this link and choose the best time that suit you. After you have booked your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to make your payment. Once you have completed your payment, your session will be confirmed and you will receive a PDF attached with the details for the session via email. We will be look forward to connecting with you.

In case any time suits you well, you can send us an email to hello@yamtemple.com and we’ll help you schedule your session.

- I want to gift an Akashic Records session, how can I proceed?

If you're looking to give the gift of a truly special and transformative experience, consider gifting an Akashic Records session. It's an opportunity for someone you care about to gain deeper insights into their soul journey.

To purchase a session as a gift, simply follow this link. Once you've completed your purchase, we'll send you a confirmation email with a beautiful gift card that you can give to your loved one. The gift card includes our contact details, so they can easily schedule their session with us.

We're passionate about creating a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for all our clients, and your loved one will be no exception. During their session, we'll work with them to explore their Akashic Records and offer guidance and insights that can help them along their journey.

- There is anything to know before the session? 

We will meet online, via Google Meet or Zoom. If you wish, the session can be recorded for you to access later on. There is so much timeless information that readings bring us and hearing it days, months or year after is pure gold.

- Is it possible to access the Akashic records of a child?

We can only access the Akashic Records of those who are 18 years of age or older. However, if you are seeking guidance for a child, such as a baby or young child, we can access their mother's or father's records and recommend how they can better handle the process their daughter or son is going through.

- How to prepare for the session?

Please prepare reflecting on the present events on your life and where would you like to have more clarity, healing, guidance. You can prepare 3-4 open-ended questions or topics you are seeking clarity.

We recommend for you to be ideally in a quiet and calm space where you can be by yourself, creating a sacred moment for yourself. You will be in a relaxed, conscious state receiving information.

Please ensure you have optimal wifi connection and avoid any heavy foods, drugs or alcohol for 24hours prior to our session.

- What languages are the sessions available in?

Our sessions are offered in both English and Spanish (my Mother Language) to accommodate your preference; choose the language that you feel most comfortable with. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

- Las sesiones también se ofrecen en Español?

Si, se ofrecen tanto en inglés como en español (mi lengua nativa). Así, puede elegir el idioma con el que se sienta más cómodx.



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