What are Mala Beads?

Mala beads have a meaning deeply rooted in symbolic and spiritual practices. They have a thousands of years of tradition as a sacred tool in Mantra meditation, also called Japa meditation (the meditative repetition of mantras).

Due to their sacredness and high energetic frequency, Mala Beads are much more than beautiful ornaments and they are used as a reminder of the intentions you wish to manifest. Malas can be worn, have them in your sacred space or use them in your practice.

A Mala is made with 108 beads with a knot in between each bead (which creates space to slide your fingers if you want to use them for meditation practices). The bead outside of the string is the 109th bead, which is called Guru Bead. The Guru bead is used to honour your relationship between yourself and the greatest teacher of all, the Guru within, and to express gratitude and connection.

At the end of the Mala, there is a tassel or a decorative charm. At YAM we have two different designs, one of them is with different color silk or cotton tassel and the other one, our signature YAM sterling silver charm. 



Wearing YAM Abundance Mala and Inner Power Mala

What are they made?

Malas are made meditatively by hand and their beads can be made of different materials. At YAM we love using Rudraksha, Sandalwood and Gemstones.

  • Gemstones: each crystal hold unique crystal healing properties and an unique frequency.


  • Sandalwood: is a sacred tree which is grown in India. It has a distinctive earthy and warm aroma which comes from the wood itself. It is related to the Base Chakra.
Unakite mala beads


  • Rudraksha: is the seed of a particular tree species and plays an important role in a spiritual seeker's life, it has a very unique vibration. We use a 5 Mukhi Rudraksha, said to have the energy of Shiva.

Rudraksha japa mala

YAM symbology

The unique characteristic of our Malas is the symbology we use on it. Our name, YAM, is the Bija-mantra or sacred sound of the Heart Chakra, which is unconditional love and compassion for one and others. We use YAM’s sanskrit letter in a handcrafted sterling silver charm to impart this quality to our pieces. Sacred symbols carry high frequencies and vibrations with them.

Why Malas have 108 Beads?

108 is a sacred number in Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism and many traditions, open to different significances.

In Vedic Culture, 108 is a number of the wholeness of existence: 1 the individual, 0 the universe, 8 the infinite.

According to Yogi Tradition there are 108 sacred places in India and 108 sacred places in our body.

Astrologically speaking, distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the moon’s diameter and happens the same for the sun, comparing with his diameter. As the same time, the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth.

Using a Mala

As we mentioned before, they can be use for your meditation practice, wearing them or use them in your altar or sacred space as a sacred element.

When you practice meditation with them regularly, we recommend not to wear them afterwards and to keep it in your YAM bag to keep its energy, its Shakti. If you are using it in your meditations, they absorb the vibrations of the practice and its great to have that mala exclusively for your practice.

If you choose to wear it, can be worn as necklaces around your neck and some people also like to loop them multiple times around your wrist as a bracelet. We love wearing them as a necklace and setting our prayer or intention to the Mala before it accompany us during our day. 


We hope you create a beautiful connection with your Mala. 

What are mala beads