Our Story

"I am Ley, founder of YAM Mala Beads which has evolved into YAM temple. I want to share my story of how my relationship with malas began. I have always had a special connection with them. Before understanding their background and not being a yogi yet, I wondered where I could get one. I wanted it to be special. I visualized my mala and it was full of light, with a beautiful tassel and 108 gemstone beads. 

In Christmas 2018, while I was traveling Sri Lanka we did a secret Santa. I was the last one to choose, and the gift I got was a mala:

Soul asking... Universe giving!

Months after, I travelled to India and I was led to study Meditation, practice Yoga, join Satsangs and participate in several ashram retreats. I ended up staying for a few months in this sacred country and falling in love with Mother India.

Over there, I met an Indian artisan who became a great friend; he explained me everything about malas, and together we started designing the gemstone malas I had been dreaming about years ago.

When I returned to Byron Bay (Bundjalung Country) where I feel most at home, I started this little dream called YAM Mala Beads. As I explained in ABOUT YAM, this project was born from the heart and that is our intention when you get your mala; to feel the love we put in every handcrafted piece and every detail of your order.

After 3 years of journey with YAM Mala Beads and lots of personal and professional transformation on the way, we felt the call to evolve into YAM temple. A sacred space for the heart where we will keep sharing our mala beads and crystals but also new offerings that will be born in 2023. You can read more about our journey of transformation here “from YAM Mala Beads to YAM temple”.

Thank you for your support, I hope you connect with your YAM pieces from the core of your being and enjoy it as much as I do."

Leyre Flores

Creative & Business Owner