Gemstones & Packaging


    The energetic qualities of crystals vary depending on where they come from. The founder of our company has travelled India extensively. She has a strong emotional bond with this ancient and spiritual country and with the high quality gemstones found here. This is why we source our gemstones from India. 


      We make every detail from the heart and so we put a lot of care and attention into the packaging too!

      We believe we can make a difference and we are so proud to have committed to compostable and recyclable non-plastic packaging. So grateful that we are a plastic free business and also that we support local artisans for our packaging.

      Our little packaging bags are made in Pushkar (India) by an artisan I met while travelling the country. 

      As every gemstone is different, every time you shop with us you will receive a description of the healing properties for your selected gemstone.

      And last but not least, for all our shipments we use 100% compostable satchels from the Australian owned company “Hero Packaging”. As we are based in Australia, we like supporting local businesses too. These eco-friendly bags are made from biodegradable materials as corn starch and cassava roots and they can be put in your compost at home. 


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