from YAM Mala Beads to YAM temple

~ we are evolving into the best version of ourselves~

Three years on the journey with YAM have led us to profound personal and professional transformations and this year we strongly felt the call to transform into a new version of ourselves. We evolve into YAM temple to accompany you through your journey.

YAM temple is a sacred space for the heart. As you might know, YAM is the mantra of the heart chakra. In Ancient traditions, we used YAM to heal, open and expand our Heart Chakra space to come back to ourselves, to our heart and our inner peace. 

Our mission at YAM temple is to create a space which is a temple based in heart, healing and mindful offerings such as mala beads and more offerings coming in 2023, which look to collaborate in your wellness, personal growth, self-care and self-discovery journey.

As always, each piece is designed with intention and have the purpose of creating connection with ourselves, soul and self-care and healing. We are about…


YAM temple energy mala beads


We believe that change begins with oneself and every of us has her/his own self-discovery journey, creating a better life and world for yourself and those around you. We are all learning and it is a pleasure for us to walk together in this journey.

This rebranding is not just updating our logo or visuals, it is 

You are very welcome to this space

 … where connection, raising our vibration and love are our daily mantras!

YAM temple moodboard connection mala beads


We hope you love our #rebranding it as much as we do!

Thank you for being part of YAM.

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