The Ultimate YAM Gift Guide: Choosing a Crystal

Whether you are looking for a conscious and meaningful product for yourself, searching for a gift, or curious about the energy of crystals and how they can relate to different personality types or states we go through, we're excited that you're here! Our products are designed to foster a deeper connection. We hope our offerings inspire you to discover the perfect, heartfelt present that truly connects with you or your loved ones.

Mala beads and crystals have held a special place since ancient times, they had had importance in different ancient traditions and cultures and they are a precious heart to heart gift.

Those who don’t connect which crystals in the sense of their energetic work yet, will appreciate them for their unique beauty and still benefit from their energies. 

How to find the right crystal or gemstone

Some people wear their mala or bracelets with the aim of having their energy with them every day, other wear them for their beauty while still benefit from their energies, other people admire both aspects, some prefer to use them for meditation purposes only and practice japa meditation with them, some will have it on their altar or sacred space…

It is made for all preferences.

Gifting a crystal is a special process, it is beautiful how we feel drawn to them and for that process, here you have some recommendations:

  1. Let your intuition guide you. Breath, feel their energy and feel which crystal you feel drawn to… Let the crystal tell you.
  2. If you are not sure which crystal to gift, we have prepared a guide that describes different personalities and their connection to crystals, as well as when would you feel drawn to a specific crystal.
  3. It is great to have the traditional meanings behind crystals but there is much more behind, the connection between you and your crystal is unique.

As you might know at this stage, ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘every choice is perfect’ so there are no mistakes and the one you choose will be the correct one for some reason.


 The Best Crystal for Every Personality type


CALM - Amazonite


Someone who feels drawn to our Calm Mala might be someone with an overactive mind, who is usually with a busy schedule and it is looking to calm and quiet her/his mind. It is great to help us coming back to our heart and living in peace, without stress.

I release all blocks that stop me from enjoying peace of mind. I allow myself to have time for myself and to be at peace

Calm MalaCalm Mala with Sandalwood and Calm Bracelet

Calm Amazonite 108 Mala Beads


LOVE & INTUITION - Rose Quartz & White Moonstone

We all have a person in our life who take care of us and people surround her/him, who is attentive, caring, empath. It could be your mum, your grandma, dad, yourself, members of your family or friends, someone you love, who has a soft energy of love and compassion to offer to the world.

Either it has it naturally or it is working on the soft loving, nurturing and caring aspect of herself/himself. The archetype of the Mother.

A breath of love

Love & Intuition Mala and Love & Intuition Bracelet

Rose Quartz Mala - mother´s gift

ABUNDANCE - Tree Agate


Mother Earth nurtures and sustains us unconditionally. The Earth continually gives freely and unconditionally her many abundant gifts, which allow us to flourish. Tree Agate Mala is very connected to Mother Earth and to someone who is working on her/his abundance.

Abundance Mala accompany us on the journey of the “all the needs are meet”.

Sometimes we look for it outside, but all starts inside of you. 

Abundance Mala without tassel and Abundance Bracelet


Abundance Mala Tree Agate


BE LIGHT - Labradorite


The perfect Mala for your spiritual friend, a healer, crystal lover… Someone who is working on tapping into her/his own magic sometimes, as Labradorite comes to show you the magic of your spirit and its connection to the Universe. It helps you to expand your spiritual awareness and raise consciousness.

I trust in Universe, I am aware of my infinite connection. I am divinely guided, I am Light.

Be Light Mala and Be Light Bracelet


INNER PEACE - Aquamarine


A beautiful Mala to gift to a pregnant woman who is waiting for her baby to come or once she is with her newborn. Inner Peace Mala has a soft angelical enegy. It bring us peace, serenity… It is like taking a breath in front of a calm blue clear ocean. 

Your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Inner Peace Mala and Inner Peace Bracelet

 Inner Peace Japa Mala Beads



FEMININITY - Rainbow Moonstone


Femininity Mala… Our most feminine, lunar, intuitive and cyclical Mala. Someone who feels drawn to this mala is someone who her femeninity is her superpower or it is working on it.

Someone who is in the journey of accepting life as it is with its own cycles that comes and goes (as the sea tides). To deep end into her own connection with her/his intuition and the trust on herself or himself.

I trust the cycles of life

I embody my femininity, I feel empowered

I let be guided by my intuition

Femininity Mala and Femininity Bracelet



INTENTION - Clear Quartz


The teacher, educator. Someone who has the Mastery. Many people who feels drawn to Intention Mala have a rol of teaching. Someone who is used to guide and speak in front of other people (as a yoga teacher, speaker, lecturer, school/University…).

My mind is clear. I trust on myself. Clarity surrounds me. 


Intention Mala and Intention Bracelet

ALIGN & FOCUS - Smokey


For that moment in life when you are looking for focus, alignment and determination. It might be that you have a goal/intention to accomplish… Smokey Quartz is the allied for those stages of life.

At the same time, Align & Focus is a great Mala for someone who sometimes feels dispersed, with many ideas on its mind: it brings us the Earth element and the energy to be focused.

I am focused. I have determination to focus my energy on my goal.

Align & Focus Mala, Manifest MalaAlign & Focus Bracelet and Sacred India Bracelet


Smokey Quartz Mala Beads


Tigers Eye mantra

Tiger’s eye give us the strength, courage and transformation to live our life to the fullest, aligned with our desire and intention. It works on the Solar Plexus and Base Chakras, and someone who feels drawn to Tiger’s Eye might be going through some changes in her/his life which involves a transformation, to have strength to go forward and confidence on himself/herself.

Find the confidence to move forwards.

Tiger´s Eye Mala and Tiger´s Eye bracelet

Tiger Eye mala

INNER POWER - Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye Mantra - Japa Mala

Red Tiger’s Eye is a crystal associated with the base chakra, which is believed to encompass qualities of strength, inner power, and motivation to progress from intention to action. Those who are naturally attracted to Red Tiger's Eye often share common traits such as confidence, willpower, and the ability to take decisive action.

I embrace my Inner Power.

Inner Power Mala and Inner Power Bracelet - with Lava Rock

Red Tiger’s Eye Japa Mala

BALANCE - 7 Chakras & Rudraksha


A crystal for each energy center. It is a mala that bring us balance, a reset in our body. It is colorful and joyful, a perfect mala for someone who would like to embrace and be open to the rainbow energy of life.

I am balanced - I am joyful.

7 Chakras Mala and 7 Chakras Bracelet

I hope that with this guide you have found which is the mala & crystal resonates with your loved ones and will accompany their journey… and maybe yours too! It is our intention to create connection, ritual to the self and healing with every piece we create.

We believe in a world where each person lives in connection with themselves and this is our way to offer it to the world, through the precious mala beads and crystal healing.
In case you are not sure what to choose, you can always choose our Gift Cards to let them choice your heart to heart gift!
With love and gratitude,
Ley & YAM team