We evolve together

Big changes are on the way!

As part of my personal transformation, our brand is evolving as well.

Change brings transformation: we are asked to be reborn again and again while we immerse deeper into our self-awareness & self-knowledge journey.
When we go through a personal transformation, so do our relationships, interests, circumstances, work... Your life is up-levelling and incredible new things are on their way to you. We are all connected, we are all part of the whole, we are all one. Who has not experienced that when our frequency changes, so it happens around us.
Rebranding transformation
YAM's soul call is to transform, to provide you a better service aligned and embodying what YAM has come to bring, a space which brings us to the home of our hearts, whether through our malas, crystals, sacred jewelry or with our new offerings (1:1 sessions and workshops) that we are looking forward to sharing with you after our break. 
YAM is really born for service and yet this service feeds her too. As the entrepreneur behind it, I feel ready to make this change so that we can then share a deeper journey with you, with our YAM tribe and clients. 
With the aim to accompany you on your journey back to yourself, to improve your well-being while we walk together in the amplitude of consciousness and connection with ourselves.
With love and gratitude,
Personal brand rebranding