BE LIGHT - Labradorite Mala
BE LIGHT - Labradorite Mala
BE LIGHT - Labradorite Mala
BE LIGHT - Labradorite Mala
BE LIGHT - Labradorite Mala

BE LIGHT - Labradorite Mala

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108 Labradorite & Rudraksha Mala Beads

* This Mala comes with free-shipping for orders within Australia*

Labradorite is a bringer of light - a reminder of the light that you are. It comes to show you the magic of your spirit, your connection to the Universe.

It's like carrying a piece of the Universe with you.

This mala invite you to expand your spiritual awareness, raising consciousness, anchoring your light. Appreciate its beauty looking at the blue light that arises from her grey brilliant color.


I trust in the Universe, I am aware of my infinite connection. 

am divinely guided, I am Light.


Labradorite: It raises consciousness and connects with Universal energies. Brings contemplation and introspection.

Rudraksha: used since ancient times in India for his healing properties and very unique vibration. We use 5 Mukhi organic and wild-harvest Rudraksha.


Highest quality Labradorite.

108 beads, 7.5mm each one + Organic Rudraksha guru bead + hangs 54cm

Thread meditatively by hand, each mala is an unique piece of connection, sacredness and beauty

We use our YAM charm (Heart Chakra Mantra) made of solid sterling silver 

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