What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is a sacred seed in India, a millenarian seed found inside the fruit of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree and is traditionally used in Japamalas. Its name means “tears of Shiva” and comes from two words in Sanskrit: Rudra (Vedic names for Shiva) and Aksha, which means (eyes, tears). There are different Hindu legends about the Rudraksha and its energy since it is associated with Shiva.

Traditionally used by Yogis, Hinduists, Buddhists... Rudraksha is a seed with tradition and powerful energy. It has a rough texture on the surface that has lines or grooves called “mukhas,” which are the facets of the seed. According to the number of mukhas it has, it is associated with a specific energy. Those with only one vertical line are one Mukhi and from there it starts to increase up to 21 facets.

Here at YAM, we use five-faced beads, 5 Mukhi, called Panchmukhi. From ancient times Rudraksha has been used for its healing properties on developing inner peace, calming anxiety... Used in both yoga practice and meditation, it helps to achieve balance and essential health.


Rudraksha Japa Mala Australia


How do take care of and clean the Rudraksha seed?

For better care, we suggest avoiding contact with water. Being a seed, contact with water will age it and it may darken faster.

At the same time, contact with the skin (a bracelet that is in constant contact with the skin) can darken after a certain time with the natural oils that our skin has.

We recommend cleaning it with an unused toothbrush, along with neutral soap. You can then apply a little bit of natural oil (almond or a balancing oil with mild essences) and dry it gently with air.

We are passionate about using this precious seed and most of our malas, except for the Sandalwood collection (a beautiful and sacred wood in India with the most special scent of all and rooting properties - we will talk about in another post), have Rudraksha beads of 5 Mukhi.

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